Evolve with Trauma

Tender connection to your own heart and your own vulnerability can allow some space and perspective on the impact of shocking traumatic events.

Such events can profoundly threaten your core sense of self and worth, sense of control, your reality and your most important roles in life. This can be completely devastating and you may feel like you are lost in a kind of thick fog with little capacity to be in the present, to cope with the past or to even imagine a future. You may be experiencing your life and your world as being shattered.

The two publications available on this website are complementary and are designed to be a small part of helping you recognise, truly respond, integrate and grow with and beyond what has happened to you. 

The first book 'Evolve with trauma: Become your own safe, compassionate and wise friend' issues an invitation to traumatised people like you and your family and friends to really acknowledge the impact that traumatic events can have at all levels of your functioning (body, thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relating (and in all domains (personal, social and vocational). The many personal stories offer validation, hope and opportunity to you. The book is written in a question and answer format and draw on the experience, knowledge and wisdom of many traumatised people, deeply and broadly reflected therapeutic practice and processes, research, neuroscience and the ancient traditions. 

The second book 'I am more than my trauma, pain and lossis a gift of exquisite photographs of animals, plants and landscapes and carefully considered words.  The intention is to lightly and deeply remind you, even for a moment, of a life beyond what has left you in fragments.

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Dr Jeannie Higgins has over thirty years of clinical, research, community and policy experience. Her passion is the treatment and prevention of generational traumatic stress reactions through the positive integration of these experiences, and associated individual, family and societal transformation.

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