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Traumatic events can completely shatter our lives leaving us lost and over whelmed often leading to behaviour patterns of dependence, self neglect and self-abuse. Evolve with Trauma, written by Dr. Jeannie Higgins, a specialist in trauma who has worked with veterans, emergency workers, police, health professionals and survivors of rape, abuse and torture over her 30 years of practice as a clinical psychologist draws on the raw lived experiences of traumatised people to present us with alternatives and innovative methods to positively transform the self, the family, the community and society.

This book elaborates the insightful offerings of traumatised people and encourages the evaluation of outcomes based on the person’s quality of life. Issues associated with the traumatised person’s relationship with self are addressed directly, within their personally unique context so they can learn to evolve with trauma and begin to hope, flourish, laugh, dance and delight in living. This book is a must read for trauma survivors, their families, carers and health professionals.

Jodie Davis  Federal Education Officer, Australian Nursing Federation.

ACT Division of General Practice

“Evolve with trauma” is written by Dr Jeannie Higgins who is a Canberra psychologist with extensive experience and interest in all aspects of trauma. Her book is simply written making it accessible yet it provides an integration of the available knowledge, experience and research on the traumatic stress reaction. Despite it being aimed directly at the survivors of trauma, all those involved including supporters and health professionals will find this an excellent resource in providing insight and understanding.

The format of question and answer enables the book to be picked up at will. Case studies personalise the concepts and make the subject relevant, covering a broad range of different people including veterans and service personnel. Many of these people have suffered severe almost unthinkable trauma but Dr Higgins provides hope and optimism when following their journeys of empowerment and recovery. Her refreshing treatment approach is founded on evidence-based therapies but advice is given with compassion, safety and wisdom. The treatment encompasses simple practical steps as well as information on medical and other interventions.

This book is a valuable read for GPs treating traumatised patients and for those survivors of trauma.

Dr Brenda Tait, ACTDGP Mental Health GP Advisor and Rosemary Agnew, ACTDGP Program Officer.

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